Educate a woman you educate a society

Educate a woman you educate a society

Giles and I are privileged to know the wonder woman Hilarie Viener who is the CEO of the Genius 100 Foundation. 

Today Genius 100 sent us a brilliant quote from Sima Samar, Human Rights Activist, which we thought worthy of sharing with you all:

“You educate a man you educate a person, you educate a woman you educate a society.”

Sima Samar, Human Rights Activist

This isn’t a completely new quote – there are many similar ones that talk about educating a family, a generation, a nation.  But if we think about the potential impact on society the quote takes on a much wider, deeper meaning and potential to drive change.    

Genius 100 brings together accomplished, compassionate minds to reimagine the future and improve our world.  Their mission is to leverage the knowledge and resources of the G100 community to support impactful humanitarian and environmental initiatives through collaboration and funding structure.

100 great minds from ten disciplines: Arts; Education; Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Environment; Health & Wellness; Literature; Science and Technology formed the original group that became the Genius 100 Visionaries.

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