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This site is dedicated to all the wonder women in marketing, business, entrepreneurial start-ups, home – past, present and future…

Our aim is threefold

  • We want to create awareness of and celebrate women’s success in the world of marketing and beyond
  • We’re hoping to inspire others (both women and men) with the stories and thoughts of successful women and encourage marketers and business leaders to adopt what we believe are the more ‘feminine’ aspects of thinking and doing
  • We’d like to encourage all women in marketing and beyond to recognize, have confidence in and grow their talents

The site complements our book “WonderWomen – Inspiring stories and insightful interviews with women in marketing”.  You can read more in About the Book (and there are links to stockists if you’d like to obtain a copy). If you want to know about Katy and Giles, the authors and originators of the site please read About the Authors.

Whilst we are championing women and their contributions, we believe that diversity and inclusion is the way forward. It’s not about advocating an all-female future; it’s not about denigrating or being in competition with men; it’s about blending both male and female characteristics, creating gender-balanced teams, working together and being successful together.

We need to be aware of the differences, appreciate them and use them to our advantage. Often women and men bring different perspectives, which ultimately lead to better understanding, better problem solving, higher creativity and greater opportunities.

WATCH THE WONDER WOMEN LAUNCH EVENT – hosted by The Marketing Society on 4th March 2021. Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Marketing Society, interviews Katy and Giles together with three panelists, Edwina Dunn, Sandy Griffiths and Danny Russell, about the book and what the future of marketing holds for women.