Wonder Women in Sport

Wonder Women in Sport

“When people ask me what I think about when I’m playing, I picture myself as a 10-year-old girl, playing in the park, scoring a goal and then celebrating. That’s when I’m playing best.”

Fran Kirby

Photograph: Marc Atkins/Getty Images

When @Katymousinho and I wrote WonderWomen, marketing was the obvious choice given we had both worked extensively in the industry.

However, we also agreed that if we ever wrote a follow up book it would be about women and sport. It would probably follow the same structure as the original book. It would have three sections, some stories old and new, some interviews and our thoughts and predictions on the challenges and possible future developments.

High on the list of people we would have on our wish list to interview would be Fran Kirby, the Chelsea and England player. Not only is she a great playmaker and goal scorer but someone who has overcome injuries and illnesses to return to the top flight.

We haven’t been commissioned to write the book nor done any interviews the quotes at the beginning and end of this blog show why it would be great to speak to someone who remembers the joy of playing football as a child but wants to contribute to a brighter future

“It is great to see kits designed with us in mind”

“Women’s sport is growing, becoming powerful, and we want to continue to raise that platform for the young girls at home.”

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