Why women’s sport is important for brands

Why women’s sport is important for brands

Loved this post on LinkedIn from Michael Impong, Managing Director Sport&Brands as I’m witnessing the meteoric rise of women in sport and realising the impact it can have on wider business and society.  I recommend you read the whole article about why women’s sport is important for brands, but here’s a taster (quoting Michael):

“Women’s sport entering popular culture would turbo-charge positive change in the world through the power of sport.

Nobody talks about Women’s music when they listen to Adele or Alicia Keys. Nobody talks about Women’s novels when they read Harry Potter. But we still talk about Women’s sport. To enter popular culture, Women’s sport needs to seek to tell stories, to move people. To go for hearts and minds. For laughs and inspiration. For points of difference. For benefits and reasons to believe. Yes, for better brand building.

What we need now is to inject stories and emotions.  The story behind may change someone’s life.

Women’s sport has the richest stories to tell. Its power to inspire is unique. The stories of commitment, overcoming barriers, inspiration are off the chart. The empathy with the stories of Women in sport is enormous. The dreams women’s sport creates are big and new. The myths and icons are emerging right in front of us. The material is there. Women’s sport just needs better brand building.”


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