Debunking the myths – women DO ask for a pay-rise as much as men!

Debunking the myths – women DO ask for a pay-rise as much as men!

One of my favourite activities is myth busting – and especially myths about women (and about age).

The Harvard Business Review recently published the results from research they did in Australia which found no gender differences in negotiation behaviour.  Women were just as likely as men to ask for higher salaries, and men and women were equally likely to report avoiding negotiations if they feared it would hurt their relationship with their boss.

HBR says it is possible that women’s behaviour is changing, but it is also possible that this study is more accurate as the dataset is based on real-world behaviour, not surveys or lab experiments.

The bad news?  While women ask just as often as men, women are less likely to get what they ask for.  The bottom line is that women do “ask” just as often as men. They just don’t “get.”  Women who asked obtained a raise 15% of the time, while men obtained a pay increase 20% of the time. HRS says that while that may sound like a modest difference, over a lifetime it really adds up.

You can read the full article via the link below:

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