Advanced Praise

Advanced Praise

Many thanks to Paul Walton, Charlotte Lamkin and Sally Howard for your advanced praise and for supporting the Wonder Women in Marketing book launch. Launch day is 4th March – you can pre-order on Amazon or the Book Depository, who offer free international shipping.

Marketing is a comparatively young business discipline but if you want to understand why women are now shaping how best practice is evolving, take a look at Wonder Women. Giles and Katy’s book is a bumper bundle of inspiration that combines vintage success stories with the up-to-the-minute thoughts of emerging talent.

Paul Walton, The Brand Historian, and Founder of Strategic Leaps

If we needed reminding just how focused, determined, and creative women are at work, then look no further than Wonder Women, which tells the stories of some incredible pioneers, past and present. Giles and Katy summarize things perfectly; it is together we thrive, men and women united in coming up with solutions to help each other, in a world which has never needed our collaboration more.

Charlotte Lambkin, Member of the UK Advisory Board at Edelman

An engaging account of the boundary-pushing women who have overcome a myriad barriers to make it in a tough corporate world. A must-read for women hoping to make their mark in marketing.

Sally Howard, Journalist for The Observer and The Times, author of The Home Stretch: Why it’s time to come clean about who does the dishes

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