Many thanks to Sophie Devonshire, Hilarie Viener and Jane Frost for your advanced praise and for supporting the Wonder Women in Marketing book launch. Launch day is 4th March – you can pre-order on Amazon or the Book Depository, who offer free international shipping.

The stories and interviews ably demonstrate how much women have contributed to marketing and how things have got better. Its conclusion that, despite the need for further change, women see the future as bright and diverse is a positive, rallying cry for us all in marketing.

Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society

Wonder Women comes at a perfect time and, in some ways, not nearly soon enough. Recounting the amazingly insightful, brave, creative and brilliant manoeuvres women have taken to not only be heard or recognised, but to break through the glass ceiling and shine – and with their contribution – forever change the game. ‘Wonder’-fully inspirational read for anyone seeking to stand up and stand out.

Hilarie S Viener, Founder, Viener & Partners, and CEO, Genius 100 Foundation

That ‘evidence matters’ in inspiring change is powerfully illustrated by this wonderful collection of interviews and stories, featuring, quite rightly, two iconic women from the business of evidence.

Jane Frost CBE, CEO, Market Research Society

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