If you need convincing that Wonder Women – Inspiring Stories and Insightful Interviews with Women in Marketing is for you ……

Great marketing overcomes all obstacles to solve consumer problems. The Wonder Women in this incredible collection of inspiring marketing stories show us all what is possible when you have a vision and the determination to succeed. I love how Katy and Giles really get to the nub of each challenge and how these Wonder Women overcame adversity to achieve the spectacular

Matt Close, EVP, Global Ice Cream, Unilever

Sometimes, books speak directly to the Zeitgeist. And that’s what Wonder Women does: inspiring stories and interviews with women embracing their intuitions, with a more holistic take on issues and opportunities, pushing boundaries of gender equality. Growing up with a strong, loving mother and two older sisters, a woman’s take on the world has always inspired me and was something I looked up to and learned to respect and admire from a very young age. It is about time to celebrate it in business, to inspire businessmen and women on how to approach our daily challenges differently. Empathy and collaboration are the clear way ahead in business, in my opinion. This book sheds light on these topics, and it reminds you to embrace a more holistic, purpose-led future. A must read.

Marcelo Amstalden Moller, Global Director, Portfolio Development & Craft, HEINEKEN Group B.V.

It’s a real pity Katy and Giles didn’t write this book a few years ago. Companies today would be more creative, open-minded and versatile.

Javier Sanchez Lamelas, Author of MARTKeting: The heart and the brain of branding, and founder & CEO, Top Line Marketing Consulting

The book is available for advanced purchase on Amazon and the Book Depository

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