When I heard that Kamala Harris was to be Joe Biden’s running mate, I read her autobiography, The Truths We Hold, which is an empowering memoir about the values and inspirations that guided her life.  Definitely worth a read!

Now she has become Vice President the whole world has been talking about her and she is without a doubt a brilliant role model for all women and an inspiration for all leaders.

The article that struck me most this week is in The Times Magazine on Saturday, where Kamala’s niece, Meena Harris, talks about the fearsomely accomplished women she grew up amongst – her grandmother, Shyamala, her mother, Maya, and her aunt, Kamala.  To quote from the article:

“Growing up, I was taught that ambition is something to celebrate, that it means purpose and determination, having a big idea and running after it, chasing your dreams and having confidence in yourself.

When I got older, I realised that is not what society teaches us.  Instead, it is something used to critique women; ambitious women are ‘power hunger’ or ‘sharp elbowed’ – things we don’t say about men.

It’s something women are taught to hide.  I know lots of women who have ambitions, but they feel that they’re not supposed to tell people, that you should downplay your big dreams.”

This really struck a chord as it is a sentiment also echoed in the stories and interviews in our Wonder Women book.  So, we would like to encourage all women to share and celebrate their ambitions!

Meena Harris has written a book called Ambitious Girl which is out on March 11th – it’s on my Wish List. 

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